Working with us

We are always available to chat about the possibility of you working with us

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss opportunities

We have a family supportive approach to running our practice and encourage the lifestyle our location provides

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Part I & Part II Architectural Students

We actively support our student staff to become fully qualified and provide a varied and professional experience setting you up for the future. Your leaning experience here will set you up for life as an architect with high competency levels and varied experiences.



We are not keen on bog standard… We’ll always have interesting projects to work on with challenges. From Conservation led restoration to Passivhaus detailing. We have supported the role of the technologist within the practice and will continue to do so!

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We are keen to meet experienced architects to work within the practice.

We need people who are competent project architects who love getting the detail right.

Our projects vary enormously which makes working here continually interesting with plenty of great clients and builders.

Following some interesting commissions, we are looking for up to two people to join our practice. We are in search of the right people to work with our existing team within our friendly and professional open plan office. Your skill level can vary. The important thing is your interest and willingness to learn.

An interest in conservation repair work/alterations to existing buildings and Passivhaus Design will mean that you are potentially well suited.

We are happy to support you to learn more about these subject areas if your knowledge is limited but your interest is high. If you are an accomplished job runner, great! If not, we’ll teach you.

Archicad has served our practice well. If you have never used it, it's worth giving it a try. If you can use Revit or similar you will have no difficulties. It is not all about CAD... But, it is important.

Our practice is design-led, we like to deliver schemes from concept to completion with a focus on the final details. The office is located in the middle of a bustling market town known for being the "food capital" of Yorkshire. Whilst popping out for a nice bite is appealing, we are also located in the middle of a beautiful area with many active lifestyle opportunities on our doorstep. I have lived and worked in London and since moving here, I have never looked back! We are a family flexible practice.

We allow working hours to flex to accommodate school drop off for example.

The use of a car and a full driving licence would be very useful in this area.

If you are very experienced or just starting out, for us as a small practice it is about finding the right people so please do not hesitate to call to discuss working with us.

How to apply

Please contact Ben Stone and feel free to make an initial telephone call to discuss working with us. Tel: 01635 696100

Send your CV and a few samples of your previous work to: